Empty Music

An advanced discord music bot, supports Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music, Mixer, Radio with Shuffling, Volume Control and more!

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Exclusive Features

Multiple Source

Support YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, Mixer, Apple Music or radio

Music Playlist & Filter

Add entire playlists to the queue, Change the speed, bass or treble of any song

Server Settings

Control your song looping song or queue, You can even change server prefix!


Command Aliases Usage Description
bass e! bass Enables bass boosting audio effect
bassboost bb e!bassboost amount [-10 - 10] Bassboosts a song
earrape veryloud, hell, loud e! earrape Earrapes a song.
equalizer eq e! equalizer [custom] Sets the equalizer of the current playing song.
nightcore e! nightcore Turns on nightcore filter
Sets the pitch of the song. e! pitch 1 Sets the pitch of the song.
rate e! rate 1.5 Sets the rate of the song.
reset normal e! reset Resets the filters to normal.
speed e! speed 1 Sets the speed of the song.
vaporwave e! vaporwave Turns on vaporwave filter
autoplay ap e! autoplay Toggle music autoplay.
charts top, chart, topcharts, topchart e! charts Shows the most played songs
clear None Clears the queue.
forward ff, fastforward e! forward [amount] Fast forwards a song (default 10 seconds).
join summon e! join Joins the voice channel you are in.
leave disconnect, fuckoff, leave, dc e! leave The bot leaves the voice channel it is currently in.
loop repeat, unloop e!loop queue/song Repeats the current queue/song
lyrics e! lyrics [song] Displays lyrics of a song.
moe-radio moe e!moe-radio JP/KR Plays Listen.MOE radio
move e!move old position / new position Moves a song to another location in the queue.
nowplaying np, playing e! nowplaying Displays the song that is currently playing
pause stop e! pause Pauses the song
play p e!play [song] Plays a song
playskip e!playskip Skips the current playing song and immediately plays the song provided.
previous prev e! previous Plays the previous song in the queue
queue q e! queue Displays the queue.
queueloop loopqueue, repeatqueue, queuerepeat e! queueloop Loops the queue
remove removefrom, removerange e! remove 1 Removes a song from the queue
replay e! replay Starts the song from the beginning.
resume e! resume Resumes the song.
rewind e! rewind [seconds] Rewinds a song (default 10 seconds).
search q e! search YouTube URL | Video Name | Spotify URL | Facebook URL | Deezer URL | Apple Music | SoundCloud Provides a variety of search results for a song.
seek e! seek [seconds] Skips to a timestamp in the song.
shuffle mix e! shuffle Shuffles the queue.
skip s, next e! skip Skips the current song.
skipto e! skipto [station] Skips to a certain song in the queue.
volume e! volume 50 Sets the volume of the song.
bandcamp e! bandcamp [link] Plays a song from bandcamp.
soundcloud e! soundcloud [link / song] Plays a song from soundcloud.
youtube e! youtube [link / song] Plays a song from youtube.
create e! create [playlist name] [link / song] Creates or adds a song to the user\'s playlist.
delete e! detete [playlist name] Deletes a playlist.
load e! load [playlist name] Loads a playlist into your queue.
playlist e! playlist View all your playlists.
save savequeue, queuesave e! save [playlist name] Saves the queue to the user's playlist.
view e! view [playlist name] View the songs in a certain playlist.
24/7 247, stay e! 247 Stays in the voice channel even if no one is in it.
bio setbio, set-bio, bioset e! bio [content] Sets your bio.
ignore e! ignore [channel] The bot will stop responding to commands from the channel.
listen e! listen [channel] The bot will resume responding to commands from the channel.
prefix setprefix e! prefix [new prefix] Set the prefix for the server.
profile e! profile [user] Displays the user's profile.
getpremium e! getpremium Get your premium Empty Music :D.
help command, list e! help [command] Sends you a detailed list of Empty Music's commands.
invite e! invite Sends the invite link for the bot.
legal privacy, policy, privacypolicy, privacy-policy, privacy policy e! legal Privacy policy.
ping e! ping Bot latency.
stats e! stats Displays the bot's stats.
support server e! support Sends the support server for the bot.
vote e! vote Get vote link on TOP.GG.

Privacy Policy

     This Privacy Policy contains the data Empty Music collects and what its used for.

     What We Collect:

  • User IDs: Used to store profiles, voting rewards and premium/pro features.

  • Server IDs: Used to store server options such as custom prefixes, and ignored channels.

  • Submitted data. This includes user and server options, and stored playlists.

     How We Use The Data:

  • The data is used to make the bot functional and customizable. Without this data custom prefixes, profiles, playlists and more would not be supported. We will not share or sell user's data to any 3rd party companies or individuals.


  • If you have concerns regarding the data we collect or you would like to delete your data please join the [support server] or contact Berus#1878